Jim Morrison

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The Very Best Of The Doors


  1. "Break On Through"
  2. "Light My Fire"
  3. "Love Me Two Times"
  4. "Hello I Love You"
  5. "People Are Strange"
  6. "Strange Days"
  7. "Riders On The Storm"
  8. "L.A.Woman"
  9. "Touch Me"
  10. "Roadhouse Blues"
  11. "Peace Frog"
  12. "Love Street"
  13. "Crystal Ship"
  14. "Soul Kitchen"
  15. "Love Her Madly"
  16. "Back Door Man"
  17. "Alabama Song"
  18. "Moonlight Drive"
  19. "The Unknown Soldier"
  20. "The End" Edit

The Doors


  1. "Break On Through (To The Other Side)"
  2. "Soul Kitchen"
  3. "The Crystal Ship"
  4. "Twentieth Century Fox"
  5. "Alabama Song (Whisky Bar)"
  6. "Light My Fire"
  7. "Back Door Man"
  8. "I Looked At You"
  9. "End Of The Night"
  10. "Take It As It Comes"
  11. "The End"
  12. "Moonlight Drive" (Version 1)*
  13. "Moonlight Drive" (Version 2)*
  14. "Indian Summer" (8/19/66 Vocal)*

Strange Days


  1. "Strange Days"
  2. "You're Lost Little Girl"
  3. "Love Me Two Times"
  4. "Unhappy Girl"
  5. "Horse Latitudes"
  6. "Moonlight Drive"
  7. "People Are Strange"
  8. "My Eyes Have Seen You"
  9. "I Can't See Your Face In My Mind"
  10. "When The Music's Over"
  11. "People Are Strange" (False Starts & Dialogue)*
  12. "Love Me Two Times" (Take 3)*

Waiting For The Sun


  1. "Hello, I Love You"
  2. "Love Street"
  3. "Not To Touch The Earth"
  4. "Summer's Almost Gone"
  5. "Wintertime Love"
  6. "The Unknown Soldier"
  7. "Spanish Caravan"
  8. "My Wild Love"
  9. "We Could BE So Good Together"
  10. "Yes, The River Knows"
  11. "Five To One"
  12. "Albinoni's Adagio in G Minor"*
  13. "Not To Touch The Earth" (Dialogue)*
  14. "Not To Touch The Earth" (Take 1) *
  15. "Not To Touch The Earth" (Take 2)*
  16. "Celebration Of The Lizard" (An Experiment/Work In Progress)*

The Soft Parade


  1. "Tell All The People"
  2. "Touch Me"
  3. "Shaman's Blues"
  4. "Do It"
  5. "Easy Ride"
  6. "Wild Child"
  7. "Runnin' Blue"
  8. "Wishful Sinful"
  9. "The Soft Parade"
  10. "Who Scared You"*
  11. "Whiskey, Mystics And Men" (Version 1)*
  12. "Whiskey, Mystics And Men" (Version 2)*
  13. "Push Push"*
  14. "Touch Me" (Dialogue)*
  15. "Touch Me" (Take 3)*

Morrison Hotel


  1. "Roadhouse Blues"
  2. "Waiting For The Sun"
  3. "You Make Me Real"
  4. "Peace Frog"
  5. "Blue Sunday"
  6. "Ship Of Fools"
  7. "Land Ho!"
  8. "The Spy"
  9. "Queen Of The Highway"
  10. "Indian Summer"
  11. "Maggie M'Gill"
  12. "Talking Blues"*
  13. "Roadhouse Blues" (11/4/69, Takes 1-3)*
  14. "Roadhouse Blues" (11/4/69, Take 6)*
  15. "Carol" (11/4/69)*
  16. "Roadhouse Blues" (11/5/69, Take 1)*
  17. "Money Beats Soul" (11/5/69)*
  18. "Roadhouse Blues" (11/5/69, Takes 13-15)*
  19. "Peace Frog" (False Starts & Dialogue)*
  20. "The Spy" (Version 2)*
  21. "Queen Of The Highway" (Jazz Version)*

LA Woman


  1. "The Changeling"
  2. "Love Her Madly"
  3. "Been Down So Long"
  4. "Cars Hiss By My Window"
  5. "L.A. Woman"
  6. "L'America"
  7. "Hyacinth House"
  8. "Crawling King Snake"
  9. "The WASP (Texas Radio And The Big Beat)"
  10. "Riders On The Storm"
  11. "Orange County Suite"*
  12. "(You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further"*

* bonus tracks

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Warner Music Gallo Africa

The Doors' 40th anniversary celebrates one of rock's most daring and influential bands with two Very Best Of collections as well as reissues of all of the band's 6 studio albums. Each release boasts brand new mixes supervised by The Doors and Bruce Botnick, the band's original engineer and producer.

"We want our fans, both new and old, to hear what we discovered on listening to the actual multitrack recordings," says keyboard player Ray Manzarek. "There are background vocals by Jim Morrison, piano parts of mine that weren't used, and guitar stingers and solos by Robby Krieger that never made the original recordings that can now be heard for the first time. We used state-of-the-art techniques to bring these discs to the same sound quality we experienced in the studio when we initially recorded our songs. We invite all our fans to join us in this recreation of the legendary recording sessions of The Doors. And to be a part of our original conceptions."

THE VERY BEST OF THE DOORS, distills the band's potent and enduring mix of music and mysticism down into a single- or double-disc collection that is available at all physical and digital retail outlets outside the United States. Each features brand new mixes. The digital versions of both collections each contain bonus remixes by celebrated electronic artists such as Paul Oakenfold, Adam Freeland and Crystal Method. The single disc features 20 tracks (the downloaded version adds two bonus tracks).The double disc contains 34 tracks (the downloaded version adds five bonus tracks).

The Doors

THE VERY BEST OF THE DOORS (single disc) keeps its eyes on the road and its hands upon the wheel as it launches an unforgettable voyage through the band's esteemed legacy that covers 20 essential tracks including "Break On Through," "Light My Fire," "Hello I Love You," "Touch Me," "Alabama Song," "The End" and more. The digital bonus tracks include remixes of "L.A. Woman" by Oakenfold and "Hello I Love You" by Freeland. THE VERY BEST OF THE DOORS (double disc) cuts deeper into the band's studio albums with 34 key songs including "Orange County Suite" "The W.A.S.P. (Texas Radio & The Big Beat)," "Five To One," "When The Music's Over," "Whiskey, Mystics And Men," plus the unedited version of "The End." The digital bonus tracks feature remixes by Oakenfold, Freeland and Crystal Method along with 2Manzarek2. Interactive Booklets and exclusive interview pieces are available with the digital album download. Each package includes brand new liner notes and extensive booklets featuring rare photos of the band. There is a special physical 40th Anniversary Limited edition of the Very Best Of which will include the 2CD audio, plus bonus DVD with 30 minutes of the Doors playing Live In Europe, and enhanced booklet.

The reissue campaign encompasses all six of The Doors' studio albums with Jim Morrison, remastered with premium sound quality and expanded with previously unreleased sonic treasures and essential rarities. For the first time, each of the newly remixed albums is available individually as single-disc releases and digital downloads. All physical versions are presented in new super-jewel boxes accompanied by a limited-edition 40th anniversary sticker. THE DOORS, STRANGE DAYS, WAITING FOR THE SUN, SOFT PARADE, MORRISON HOTEL and L.A. WOMAN are all available in South Africa.

One of the most impressive debuts in rock history, THE DOORS (1967) was as commercially successful as it was musically daring, with the signature single "Light My Fire" reaching #1 on the singles chart (the LP spent more than two years on the album chart, eventually going double platinum).Bonus material includes a previously unreleased version of "Indian Summer" along with two takes of "Moonlight Drive," a song that appeared on the band's follow-up.

STRANGE DAYS (1967) capped The Doors' breakthrough year in fine form, with "People Are Strange" narrowly missing the Billboard Top 10. The extras includes previously unissued takes of that hit (including false starts and dialogue) and "Love Me Two Times."

The Doors

The chart-topping WAITING FOR THE SUN (1968) opens with one of the band's most irresistible pop singles (and their second #1 hit), "Hello, I Love You," before delving into darker terrain. Extras include previously unreleased dialogue and two alternate takes of "Not To Touch The Earth" plus the group's interpretation of Tommaso Albinoni's classical composition "Adagio In G Minor" and the 17-minute epic work-in-progress "Celebration Of The Lizard."

THE SOFT PARADE (1969) showed the group's willingness to explore more elaborate arrangements including strings and horns; one of those sonic experiments, "Touch Me," became a #3 hit. An unreleased take and studio dialogue of that single, plus the previously unheard "Push Push," two takes of "Whiskey, Mystics And Men" and "Who Scared You" are among the bonus tracks added.

The Doors

MORRISON HOTEL (1970) was issued in the wake of Jim's notorious Miami bust for indecent exposure and shows The Doors battling back with such powerful broadsides as "Roadhouse Blues." Eight previously unissued takes of that song are among the many bonus tracks included here, along with never-before-heard versions of "Peace Frog," "The Spy," the intriguingly titled "Money Beats Soul," and a quick run through of Chuck Berry's "Carol."

L.A. WOMAN (1971) was released just a couple of months before Morrison's untimely and still mysterious death in Paris. The album includes some of his most visionary lyrics, including the hits "Love Her Madly" and "Riders On The Storm." "Orange County Suite" and "(You Need Meat) Don't Go No Further" appear as bonus tracks.

Track Listings

The Very Best Of The Doors

Disc One
  1. "Break On Through"
  2. "Strange Days"
  3. "Alabama Song"
  4. "Love Me Two Times"
  5. "Light My Fire"
  6. "Spanish Caravan"
  7. "Crystal Ship"
  8. "The Unknown Soldier"
  9. "The End" (full version)
  10. "People Are Strange"
  11. "Back Door Man"
  12. "Moonlight Drive"
  13. "End Of The Night"
  14. "Five To One"
  15. "When The Music's Over"

Disc Two
  1. "Bird Of Prey"
  2. "Love Her Madly"
  3. "Riders On The Storm"
  4. "Orange County Suite"
  5. "Runnin' Blue"
  6. "Hello I Love You"
  7. "The W.A.S.P. (Texas Radio & The Big Beat)"
  8. "Stoned Immaculate"
  9. "Soul Kitchen"
  10. "Peace Frog"
  11. "L.A. Woman"
  12. "Waiting For The Sun"
  13. "Touch Me"
  14. "The Changeling"
  15. "Wishful, Sinful"
  16. "Love Street"
  17. "The Ghost Song"
  18. "Whiskey, Mystics And Men"
  19. "Roadhouse Blues"

The Doors