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Benjy says...

Hi Rock of Ages listeners,

I'm sure you enjoyed the fantastic Lynyrd Skynyrd special last night, 30 years and still going strong!



This week's special will be early 70's cult rockers Warhorse and I will be featuring tracks from their 2 albums "Warhorse" and "Red Sea". If you like somwhat Deep Purple-ish rock with a heavy dose of early prog them check this out.

WARHORSE: Ashley Holt: vocals; Ged Peck: guitar; Mac Poole: drums; Nick Simper: bass; J. Frank Wilson: keyboards

Red Sea Most famous for being the band of ex-MK1 PURPLE bassist Nicky Simper, this group also featured Ashley Holt on vocals, Mac Poole on drums, Frank Wilson on keyboards and respectively Ged Peck and Pete Parker on guitars on their first and second albums. Their first album is very much in the mould of DEEP PURPLE in between the Mk1 and Mk2 sound, but their second is an harder edged affair with more prominent affair.

Both albums are quite fine in quality and should please most progheads into the 70's. It is interesting to make a parallel between WARHORSE and CAPTAIN BEYOND as that band had the other ex-PURPLE frontman Rod Evans, and they also developed an harder edged sound than that of Mk1 PURPLE, one of the reasons Ritchie BLACKMORE sacked the two unlucky boys.

Warhorse's second album, also a famous Vertigo Swirl release like the debut is the logical follow-up (although they are slightly rougher sounding), but also fails to develop on an encouraging debut, although there was new blood at hand since Peter Parks now replaced Ged Peck on guitars and soon after this album the drummer will also leave.

Warhorse Their sound oscillates between Deep Purple (obviously Nicky Simper is the reason for this, but it is also painfully clear that he never got over being fired from Purple along with Evans), some excellent Vanilla Fudge and a few other bands of the times. The Hammond-driven hard rock (sometimes hinting at The Nice with a guitar) is an immediate pleaser with me, and there are times when they show the willingness to experiment a bit but always back off when things are ready as if they were afraid to cross the line.

Ashley Holt is really in excellent shape and he will enjoy more success in future musical adventures (notably with Wakeman in the 80's), but as there are some real fine tracks on both albums. Although the band survived until 1974, they failed to achieve their early promise and in fine 70's tradition split up.

Top 10 Rock Music Myths

Government conspiracies, cow tongues, killer ham sandwiches. This is the stuff of the myths and legends that have flourished in the rock music world since the beginning. Stop reading if you still leave cookies for Santa or coins for the Tooth Fairy. Courtesy of About Classic Rock

Myth No.1. Paul McCartney, Lou Reed and Ginger Baker are dead.
McCartney died in an auto accident in 1966 and was replaced by an impersonator. Reed and Baker died of drug overdoses.
The McCartney and Reed myths started with what looked like legitimate wire service reports being fed to radio stations. The fact that it took McCartney a while to deny the rumour added fuel to it. The Reed hoax came shortly after the death of fellow punk rocker Joey Ramone, which gave it an additional touch of plausibility. Baker was addicted to heroin throughout most of the '60s and '70s. After Cream disbanded in 1968, he dropped out of public view, leading some to believe that he had died a drug-related death. He kicked the habit in the early '80s and is quite alive and well, as are McCartney and Reed.

Myth No.2. Elvis Presley and Jim Morrison are alive
Elvis didn't die in 1977 but used that as a cover to go into seclusion and get out of the public spotlight. Jim Morrison is alive and someone else's body is in his grave.
In spite of extensive and largely irrefutable evidence to the contrary, there are still those who believe that Elvis is alive and is periodically spotted in convenience stores, restaurants and trailer parks all over the world. Some people still don't believe that Morrison's body is the one buried in his grave in a Paris cemetery. The official cause of Morrison's was listed as a heart attack -- believed by many to have been drug related -- in 1971. One enterprising gentleman has even produced a video (for $24.95 plus shipping) that he claims is Morrison living the life of a cowboy in the Pacific Northwest. People who have seen the video say the man in it bears no resemblance whatsoever to Morrison, and other than the fact that many of his song lyrics had mystical themes, there is no evidence to suggest that his death was faked.

Myth No.3. Cass Elliot choked to death on a ham sandwich
Mama Cass died when she choked on the sandwich she was eating, the uneaten remains of which were found near her body.
There may have been a partially eaten sandwich somewhere in the vicinity, but she died of heart failure brought on by the effects of obesity and crash dieting. The coroner found no evidence of anything, ham sandwich or otherwise, blocking her windpipe.

Myth No.4. Grace Slick named her daughter "god"
Shortly after her baby was born, Slick told a hospital attendant that the baby would be named god, with a small "g" out of respect for the religious significance.
Slick admits that she made the remark to a nurse who was wearing a crucifix, but says she meant it as a joke. Given her well known drug use and her prominent role in the pioneering Psychedelic Rock group Jefferson Airplane, it wasn't hard to believe that she was serious. Slick's daughter's name is and always has been China Kantner (her father being Jefferson Airplane guitarist/vocalist Paul Kantner.)

Myth No.5. Mr. Greenjeans was Frank Zappa's father
The gentle, kindly character on the children's TV show, Captain Kangaroo was the father of Frank Zappa, who specialized in absurd humor and not-so-gentle social satire in his many song lyrics.
Zappa was the son of a Sicilian immigrant named Francis Zappa, who lived in Baltimore. The fact that among Zappa's many songs were two titled "Mr. Green Genes" and "Son of Mr. Green Genes" no doubt served as the basis of the myth. Coupled with the fact that Zappa's persona was such that you could easily believe most anything about him, it isn't hard to see how this myth started and lasted.

Myth No 6. The Beatles smoked dope in Buckingham Palace
Prior to the ceremony in which they received Member of the British Empire (MBE) awards, the Beatles smoked a joint in one of the Palace's bathrooms.
It was actually John Lennon who made this claim, saying that the band's members were nervous and smoked a joint to calm down. Paul McCartney later refuted this as a joke, with its probable basis being in the fact that the boys did share a cigarette of the tobacco variety to calm their nerves before meeting the queen.
Myth No.7. Keith Richards had his blood replaced
Prior to a European tour in 1973, the Rolling Stones' Keith Richards went to Switzerland to have his blood removed and replaced with a supply that was devoid of drugs and alcohol.
He did undergo a procedure that removes impurities from the blood, but it was a far cry from having his entire blood supply replaced. Richards eventually admitted that he got tired of answering questions about the procedure and made up the story himself.

Myth No. 8. Robert Johnson made a deal with Satan
Robert Johnson, a mediocre blues guitarist, sold his soul to the devil in exchange for being able to master the instrument.
Johnson had a profound influence on artists like Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jimmy Page and Bob Dylan. True, he didn't start recording until three years before he died, and he recorded songs with titles like "Hellhound On My Trail" and "Me and the Devil Blues." A vast improvement in his playing was accomplished by incessant practice, not a pact with Lucifer.

Myth No. 9. Gene Simmons had a tongue transplant from a cow
KISS bassist/vocalist Gene Simmons, famous for wagging his considerable tongue as part of his onstage antics, had a cow's tongue surgically attached to his own.
Fact: Simmons' tongue is abnormally long, and he has learned to use it in ways that draw abnormal attention to it. The fact is that '70s medical technology didn't extend to successfully attaching animal parts to humans, and a cow's tongue looks nothing like Simmons' or any other human's.

Myth No. 10. Ozzy Osbourne bit the heads off of live bats on stage
Osbourne routinely bit the heads off of live bats as part of his outrageous live performance antics.
Fact: Given his trailblazing efforts in achieving a high shock value with his live concert shenanigans, this myth isn't too hard to swallow. The fact is, Oz did bite a live bat onstage – once, and by accident. He thought it was a prop made of rubber. The fact that the bat bit back, requiring Osbourne to undergo rabies treatments, kept him from ever attempting it on purpose.


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News from the
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James Gang saddle up
The James Gang, featuring current Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh, are re-uniting this Summer for their first tour in 35 years. Dubbed The James Gang Ride Again, dates in America have been announced from August 9-September 9.

Dickinson Anthology
Sanctuary Visual Entertainment has set a June 20 release date for the three-disc DVD release of Iron Maiden singer Bruce Dickinson's "Anthology." This is the definitive Dickinson package, and includes over six hours of videos and live performances, and previously unreleased and archive material. Bruce Dickinson is still the proverbial human whirlwind of activity, having made his mark both as the frontman of the legendary Iron Maiden and as a longstanding solo artist, with a catalogue that includes six studio albums of his own plus several concert releases.

Fraser Free in Cal
Legendary FREE bassist, and songwriter of one of Rock's all-time anthems "All Right Now," Andy Fraser today announced that he would be performing two rare live concerts. Powered by a seven-piece band, the shows will be taped for broadcast around the world and will be highlighted by new renditions of classic Fraser compositions like "All Right Now," "Mr. Big" and "Every Kinda People," alongside material from his latest album, Naked…

Pink Hippies
Former PINK FLOYD star DAVID GILMOUR kicked off his North American tour in style in New York City when rock icons DAVID CROSBY and GRAHAM NASH joined him onstage. The CROSBY, STILLS + NASH stars reprised harmonies they recorded on the title track of Gilmore's hit new album on ON AN ISLAND and then wowed fans by playing with Gilmore on THE BLUE and Pink Floyd classic SHINE ON YOU CRAZY DIAMOND.

Punk Terrorist
British anti-terrorism detectives escorted a man from a plane after a taxi driver had earlier become suspicious when he started singing along to a track by punk band The Clash, police said on Wednesday. Detectives halted the London-bound flight at Durham Tees Valley Airport and Harraj Mann, 24, was taken off. The taxi driver had become worried on the way to the airport because Mann had been singing along to The Clash's 1979 anthem "London Calling," which features the lyrics "Now war is declared -- and battle come down" while other lines warn of a "meltdown expected".

Live Gigs
Jack Hammer
21 April Steak & Ale, Centurion

Piet Botha Unplugged
15 April Potter's Place, Jeffreys Bay

Red House
7th Café Havana, Jeffreys Bay
8th Snorting Grunter, Port Alfred

Enemy 3, End of my Leave, and Suicide Kings
Friday 14 April London Calling Cnr. Browning & Op de Bergen Sts., (off Commissioner St.), Fairview, Joburg

Slashdogs, Touched by Nausea and Solitary Confinement
Friday 28 April 2006 London Calling Cnr. Browning & Op de Bergen Sts., (off Commissioner St.), Fairview, Joburg

Stoned Goblin
8th April – 350 Stark Rd, Goodwood: Blackout Charity Rock Festival -10 Bands, door open 2pm R30 entry
9th April at Pulse, 23 Somerset Rd, Greenpoint – Free Entry after 6pm.
14th April - The One Ring, Lower Main Rd, Observatory
22nd April - Gandalfs, Lower Main Rd, Observatory 26th April at Hectic on Hope, 71 Hope Str, Gardens: "The Headbangers Other Ball" – 5 bands, doors open 9pm R20 entry.

Jason Glover and 340ml
Experience Levi's® Vintage Sunday's The 88 Lounge, William Road, Norwood, 19h30 pm
Entrance is free

23 April Sidewalk Cafe, Pretoria.
27 April Stones, Bfn
5 May Ladybrand
6 May The View, Clarens
26 - 28 May Loerie festival, Knysna

Nirvana Tribute Shows
April 8 Steak & Ale
April 11 Blues Room,Sandton
April 21 Café Barcelona, PTA
April 27 Zanzibar, PTA
You say it's your birthday...

No April birthday info at the moment...

Courtesy of About ClassicRock

Birthday archives


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