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Benjy says...

Hi Rock of Ages listeners,

Thursday's "Live in Concert Special" was definitely the highlight of the last 2 and a half years of hosting Rock of Ages, 16 classic rock tunes from some of the greatest artists in rock history including Jimi, Deep Purple, Ten Years After, Humble Pie, Santana, Free, The Who, the Floyd and many more. I must admit that I had sleepless nights during the week trying to fit the best live tracks into 2 hours and sadly I wasn't able to accommodate all your suggestions so we will have to have a part 2 .....soon !.........

The subject of this week's special is an artist who is held in high regard by rock fans worldwide. Not only is he a survivor of the hedonistic 70's but is also an immensely talented bassist and arguably one of the great rock vocalists of all time, up there with Plant, Daltry and Rodgers.

Glenn Hughes

Glenn Hughes has a long and distinguished career to his credit. He's best-known for his work with the bands Trapeze and Deep Purple in the early to mid 1970s, both of which were true pioneers in the hard rock genre. Trapeze enjoyed some success in America, and with Deep Purple, Glenn achieved worldwide superstardom and earned a place in rock history. After leaving Deep Purple in 1976, Glenn based himself in Los Angeles and released his first solo album, Play me out. That album blended a mix of funk, soul, jazz, and pop with rock to create a unique sound which, along with Glenn's incredible vocal aptitude, set the stage for the diverse path his career would take in subsequent years and the singular, alluring style he would bring to all of his future work.

Glenn Hughes

Following the critical success of Play me out, Glenn went on to work with many different artists, bands, and projects throughout the 1980s, notably Hughes/Thrall, Gary Moore, Phenomena, and Black Sabbath. In the 1990s, Glenn enjoyed a worldwide hit guesting with The KLF on a track called America: What Time Is Love?. Furthermore, he resurrected his solo career and released several distinct solo albums, including Blues Authority (1992), Fron now on... (1994), Burning Japan on (1994), Feel (1995), Addiction (1996), The way it is (1999), Return of Crystal Karma (2000), Building the machine (2001), Songs in the key of rock (2003) and Soul mover (2005). Soul mover features Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith on drums and long-time guitar player and co-writer JJ Marsh on guitar. Both also appear on the live DVD and CD Soulfully live in the City of Angels (2004). In 2005 Glenn Hughes teamed up with Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi to record Fused which is the third collaboration with Tony Iommi, after Black Sabbath's Seventh Star (1986) and The DEP Sessions (1996). Throughout his career, Glenn's extremely loyal fan base has followed him from one project to another because of his remarkable voice (his trademark) and his passionate performances both in the studio and live around the world.His new album Music for the divine has just been released and has featured heavily in the past few weeks on Rock of Ages.

Glenn Hughes

Presently, Glenn continues to make exciting new music and tour internationally as both a solo artist and guest performer with others, and has his official web site,

Glenn Hughes


With Trapeze
  • Trapeze (1970)
  • Medusa (1970) **
  • You Are the Music...We're Just the Band (1972) **
  • Welcome to the Real World - live 1992 (1993)
  • High Flyers: The Best of Trapeze-(1996)
  • On the Highwire - (2003)

Glenn Hughes

With Deep Purple
  • Burn (1974) **
  • Live in London (1974)
  • Stormbringer (1974) *
  • Made in Europe (1975)
  • Come Taste the Band (1975) *
  • Last Concert in Japan (1976)
  • Singles A's & B's (1993)
  • On The Wings of a Russian Foxbat: Live In California 1976 (1995)
  • California Jamming: Live 1974 (1996)
  • Mk. III: The Final Concerts (1996)
  • Days May Come and Days May Go, The California Rehearsals, June 1975 (2000)
  • 1420 Beachwood Drive, The California Rehearsals, Part 2 (2000)
  • This Time Around: Live in Tokyo (2001)

Glenn Hughes

Solo albums
  • Play Me Out (1977)
  • L.A. Blues Authority Volume II: Glenn Hughes - Blues (1992) *
  • From Now On... (1994)
  • Burning Japan Live (1994)
  • Feel (1995)
  • Addiction (1996)
  • Greatest Hits: The Voice Of Rock (1996) (compilation)
  • Talk About It (EP) (1997) (previously-unreleased live and acoustic tracks)
  • The God Of Voice: Best Of Glenn Hughes (1998) (compilation)
  • The Way It Is (1999)
  • From The Archives Volume I - Incense & Peaches (2000)
  • Return Of Crystal Karma (2000)
  • Days Of Avalon (2001) (first official solo video release)
  • Building The Machine (2001)
  • Different Stages...Best Of Glenn Hughes (2002)
  • Songs In The Key Of Rock (2003) *
  • Soulfully Live In The City Of Angels (DVD and CD) (2004)
  • Soul Mover (2005) **
  • Freak Flag Flyin' (2005)
  • Music For The Divine (2006)

Glenn Hughes

Selected collaborations
  • HTP (Hughes Turner Project) - 2 (2003)
  • Tony Iommi - The 1996 DEP Sessions (2004) *
  • Tony Iommi - Fused (2005) **
  • Hughes/Thrall - same (1982)
* Recommended
** Essential

Rock of Ages's recommendations

Flower Kings

Like many of you I not only grew up with the likes of Led Zep, Jimi, Cream, Grand Funk and many others but I also loved what the crits commonly called 'prog' - Early Genesis, Yes, ELP, Gentle Giant, the Floyd and PFM were just as much a part of my musical education as the 'heavy' bands. With the advent of 'punk' in the mid 70's and later 'grunge','alternative' and 'hardcore' (It's only rock 'n roll!) he word 'prog' became a bit of a swearword in the rock diaspora and by and large it disappeared underground for a few years. However in the last decade or so progressive rock has re-emerged as a potent force in music as music lovers tire of the so called 'modern' rock bands cranking out identical carbon copy riffs and songs. Bands like Porcupine Tree, Dream Theatre, Spocks Beard, Circulus and the like are recording and releasing wildly exciting innovative music that incorporates diverse rock, folk, jazz, soul and classical influences ... Add to this eminent group Scandinavia's The Flower Kings. I was first turned on to this amazing band by fellow rock junkie, Leon Economides (check Leon's "Rockit Scientist" show on Radio Today and later came across a track on a Classic Rock magazine sampler. The band's new double album "Paradox Hotel" **** is an absolute sonic adventure, no two tracks sound the same ... the playing is incredible especially guitarist Roine Stolt on "Minor giant steps". After 2 weeks of solid car/home listening I am still discovering new sounds and nuances on this album ... highly recommended for early Yes and Floyd fans........

Tommy Bolin

In his all too brief career (1970-1976) Tommy Bolin managed to cram in highly productive stints with Zephyr, the James Gang and Deep Purple as well contributing his explosive guitar licks to albums by Billy Cobham, Alphonse Mouzon and Moxy among others. His 2 solo albums "Teaser" and "Private Eyes" are hailed as 70's rock masterpieces by fans worldwide and not a week goes by where I dont get a request for Tommy on the show. Tragically, and like so many others in rock, Tommy Bolin suffered from severe addiction problems and succumbed to a heroin overdose in 1976, silencing forever one of the greatest guitar talents the music world had ever seen. The TB Appreciation Society, run by his brother John, have recently released a new compilation "Whips and Roses" ***. Comprising of session outtakes, alternative versions and unreleased material the album highlights just how jaw droppingly good a guitarist Tommy really was, the solo on "Just don't fall down" is quite frightening in its intensity as Bolin redefines the borders of rock/jazz fusion.

***** Volcanic....not to be missed.
**** Seismic....highly it!
*** Aftershock....solid effort.
** Xmas cracker...Pooof!
* Do I need to explain this?

Competition Winners

"Rockspert of the week" is Steve Cilliers who answered the 3 questions and won a "Willie & the Poor Boys" DVD ... The winners of the Roy Orbison cd and anniversity t shirt (courtesy of SonyBMG) are: Gerhard Olson (Kenilworth); Rose Molyneux (Tokai); Rhett van der Stelt (Benoni); Ian Gladwin (Pinelands) and Nick Fitzgerald (Komatipoort) ... Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your prizes.

Keep the rock real ...


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End For Twisted?
Twisted Sister release their holiday album 'A Twisted Christmas' later this month. However, this may mark the end for the band. Vocalist Dee Snider has indicated that the band will shortly split up.

New Stooges In April
Iggy & The Stooges are working on their first studio album since 1973. They're recording in Chicago with Steve Albini, and it should be released in April by Virgin. As yet untitled, expect it to include the songs 'End Of Christianity', 'ATM', 'Trollin'', 'Greedy Awful People', 'Claustrophobia'. 'Mexican Guy' and 'I'm Fried'.

Short Cuts ... Blackmore's Night have replaced bassist Sir Robert Of Normandy with the equally exotically named Baron St. James ... Meat Loaf is to play the 'Bat Out Of Hell' trilogy in its entirety during a one-off show in New York on November 2 ... Although Plus-44 drummer Travis Barker been ordered to rest for two months, having broken his left arm, the man is determined to carry on regardless. As the band prepare to start a major US tour, Barker insists he'll play, even if it's only with one arm! ... Dream Theater have started work on a new album, with engineer Paul Northfield. As yet untitled, it's to be released next Spring. No news yet on which label will be involved ... Justin Hawkins has apparently left The Darkness. He'll now concentrate on a solo career. The band intend to carry on, and will look for a suitable replacement.

More Classic Rock?
I can highly recommend the About Classic Rock website run by Dave White. Not only does Dave host one of the most knowledgeable classic rock blogs on the Net but the site itself is very entertaining and informative. There are always great indepth stories on the artists and the rock quizzes are addictive. If you are like me, a classic rock fan, then the weekly About Classic Rock newletter is a must. Sign up at

More rock on R2K ......
Suffering from Rock withdrawal symptoms on a Tuesday night? Well then tune the dial el pronto to Barney Simon's show between 8 and midnight every Tuesday on Radio 2000 (or R2K as Barney calls it) for the best in South African rock plus gig guide,albums reviews, demos, new releases, news from around the country and much more ...... Unmissable! .... Also don't forget to catch Michelle Constant between 1pm and 3pm Monday-Friday for news, music, interviews and loads of cool stuff .... and of course .... Mo G on the morning drive, weekdays 8-10am ... Exclusively on Radio 2000.
Live Gigs
Table Mountain Blues Summit - click for bigger pic

Table Mountain Blues Summit

25th November Tafelberg Tavern, Hope Street Cape Town

Featuring: Blues Broers, Boulevard Blues Band, Albert Frost Trio, Piet Botha & Jack Hammer, Southern Gypsy Queen, Terri & Harper Jnr Blues Duo, Gerald Clark ... For ticket sales or more information, contact Mike Combrinck 083-4599748 (

Boulevard Blues Band

13th/14th Colesburg National Harley Davidson Festival with Bed on Bricks and Karen Zoid
20th - Berties Mooring
21st - Mowbray Golf Club 20th school reunion Acoustic band
26th - Simonsvlei Wine Estate Stellenbosch
28th - Flaming Fox
29th - Berties Mooring


21 st Cool Runnings, Long Street, Cape Town


20th Roxy's, Melville
21st Thrashers Skate Park, Pretoria (with Slashdogs,Skalladin)
21st Foundry Fly Lounge, Swartkoppies, Pretoria

Jack Hammer

14th Maloney's, Hatfield PTA

Karen Zoid

18th Stones, Centurion

Louise Carver

29th October Liberty Theatre on the Square, Sandton 10am-7pm

Nokia Jammin' 2006 (Mary Fitzgerald Square, Newtown)

14th Red House, Running with scissors, Fuzigish, Lonehill Estate, Barney Simon, Arno Carstens, Cutting Jade, Tweak

New Academics

21st Zanzibar, Lynwood, Pretoria

The Parlotones

14th Mojos Blues Bar

17th Stones, Edenvale 18th Stones, Centurion

Southern Gypsy Queen

17th Cafe Barcelona, Pretoria NEW ALBUM LAUNCH-FREE!

The Slashdogs

21st Foundry Fly Lounge,Swartkoppies,Pretoria


13th Mercury Lounge
17th Stones, Featherbrooke
18th Firkin,Boksburg

Zen Arcade

21st October Burn, Durban

Zombie Party

13th The Bohemian, Richmond (JHB) with Diesel Whores

You say it's your birthday...
October 13
Paul Simon - 1941
Sammy Hagar - Van Halen - 1947
Robert Lamm - Chicago - 1944

October 14
Justin Hayward - Moody Blues - 1946
Cliff Richard - 1940

October 16
Bob Weir - Grateful Dead - 1947
C.F. Turner - Bachman Turner Overdrive - 1943

October 17
Gary Puckett - Union Gap - 1942
Jim Seals - Seals & Crofts - 1941

October 18
Chuck Berry - 1926
Keith Knudsen - Doobie Brothers - 1949
Gary Richrath- REO Speedwagon - 1949
Laura Nyro - 1947

October 20
Tom Petty - 1950

Courtesy of About ClassicRock

Birthday archives


"Benjy says..." Archive

Stay tuned every Thursday 8-12pm for the best in classic rock on RADIO 2000.

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Benjy Mudie
Benjy Mudie with Void in the late 70's Benjy Mudie 2004
Then Now

Of Scottish origin, Benjy Mudie started out in the music industry working in record shops. He later became the A&R man for WEA records, signing such luminaries as Lesley Rae Dowling, Baxtop and Falling Mirror. He has ventured briefly into the realms of songwriting, getting co-writing credit for Little Sister's song 'You Got My Heart', but it is mainly for his running of record labels, notably Tusk and more recently Fresh and Retro Fresh that he is honoured. With these labels he has tirelessly dedicated himself to putting South African music out there, showing an unshaking belief in the quality of SA music.


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